ProSelect To Lightroom Collection

Version 1.01 (Updated 05-05-09)

It always takes me a while to get the selections that we made in our sales session back into Lightroom. So, I just wrote a utility that will allow anyone to take their selections from ProSelect and load them back into Lightroom as a collection. I call it simply ProSelect to Lightroom.

It works by using the “Filename List” export from ProSelect and converts it into a Lightroom Smart Collection settings file which you can then import into your Lightroom catalog that contained the images to begin with.

Here are the full instructions and download below.


  • Open your ProSelect Album with the selections that your client made.
  • Choose File > Export > Filename List and save it where you want it.


ProSelect to Lightroom

  • Open ProSelect to Lightroom
  • Load the Filename list into the program bu clicking the button or draging the file onto the program.
  • You can see the differant selections by choosing the options from the dropdown box.
  • Enter a name for the Lightroom collection.
  • Choose what selections from ProSelect you want to include in the collection.
  • Now save the collection settings file by clicking the Save Button.



  • Load the catalog that contains your images in Lightroom.
  • Go to the Libary Module.
  • Right click on any collection and choose “Import Smart Collection Settings…”.
  • Choose the file that you made in the last step.


Done. Now you have your ProSelect selections in Lightroom.

Version History:
Version 1.01 (05-5-09)
-Fixed a problem with commas in filenames
-Reworked the Lightroom Collection Settings
Version 1.00 (4-30-09) First Version

You can download ProSelect to Lightroom Collection here.

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