ProSelect to Lr

You spent time with your customer getting there wants and needs using ProSelect, so why not put the information into Adobe Lightroom.

ProSelect to Lr is a Lightroom Plugin that allows you to import ProSelect selection, order, and effect information back into Lighroom for further editing.

The ProSelect metadata is stored in custom fields for the plugin, but you can also apply ratings and colors based on the data if you wish.

New features for Lightroom 3:

Automaticly apply a develop preset based on if a image is flagged as a black and white or sepia from ProSelect.

Create a Lightroom collections from the ProSelect data set with a collection of each data type inside it.

Lightroom Collection from ProSelect data

Filter by ProSelect information using the filter bar in Lightroom.


Use the Metadata section of Lightroom to edit the Proselect metadata in after importing.


You can download ProSelect to Lr here.

You can purchase the full version below for $10.
(removes 10 images at a time limit)

Go here retrieve your serial number.
Version History / Change Log:

Version 1.1 (06-14-10)
+ Added support for ProSelect 2010 1.3
-Added the abilty to use the new book data
+ Added Support for Lightroom 3
-Apply develop preset based on ProSelect Effects
-Create Lightroom collections based on ProSelect Data

Version 1.03 (01-10-10)
-Fixed a problem with the OSX version.
ProSelect PC and Mac save the filename list as 2 differant formats

Version 1.02 (01-02-10)
+ Added auto version check
-Fixed other problems with OSX

Version 1.01 (12-18-09)
-Fixed some problems with OSX version of Lightroom

Version 1.00 (11-23-09)
-First Version