Lr2PhotoCart: Updating Metadata

You can view the PhotoCart metadata under the Metadata panel in the Library Module. Choose the Lr2PhotoCart preset.

You can see imformation about the gallery and the image including links the view, mangage, and edit the gallery and image. YOu can also see the number of views, time of the last view, favorites, orders and other information.

You can also filter by some of the metadata under the library filter bar.

To update the PhotoCart metadata go to the Library mode and choose from the menu Library > Plugin Extras >Lr2PhotoCart: Update Metadata.

Here there are a few options to deal with the PhotoCart metadata.

PhotoCart to Lightroom

This will download the latest metadata from your PhotoCart. This will update the views, last viewed, favorites, ordered, and a other things. You can also choose the option to update the Lightroom title and caption from the PhotoCart, this will overwrite the values in Lightroom so be careful.

Lightroom to PhotoCart

This will update the title, caption and keywords in the PhotoCart. It will use the mappings that you set on export.

Match PhotoCart Metadata

This will bring up the screen below that will allow you to get the PhotoCart data into photos in Lightroom. Use this to get the data into images that were uploaded with a old version or imported into a new catalog and lost there PhotoCart link. This matches the images by the filename, so it will only work if you did not rename the files on export.

Clear PhotoCart Metadata

Only use this if you need to remove the PhotoCart metadata on some files. It will remove all the PhotoCart metadata and the link to the online version.