Lr2PhotoCart: Export Instructions

Here you will find detailed instructions on how to setup Lr2PhotoCart export options.

Lr2Photocart: Settings

Start by enteing the ftp connection settings to your PhotoCart installation. Make sure that you select the photocart folder in the server path. This should be the folder on the ftp server that the main PhotoCart files are stored.

Next enter the web address of the main PhotoCart folder by clicking the edit button. When you click save it will check for your Photocart installation and ask you to upload or upgrade the Lr2PhotoCart API to the server. If you see Connected in the bottom then you are ready to proceed.

Lr2Photocart: Add New Gallery


Here you can click the link to open a browser window to add a new gallery.

Lr2Photocart: Gallery Selection


Use this section to select the gallery that you wish to upload your images to. If you just created the gallery then hit the refresh button first. The galleries in list in the order they were created with the newest at the top.

If you select “Choose Gallery on Export” then you will be able choose the gallery later. This way you can save a Lightroom export preset and it will ask you for the gallery when you use it.

Lr2Photocart: Selected Galleryexport-section-galselected

As you can see you can also see some information about the selected gallery. You can also click on the links to open a browser manage, edit or view the selected gallery.

Lr2Photocart: Sub Galleries


Here you can choose to automatically create subgalleries based on Lightroom metadata. Press the Add Token button to add a token that will be replaced with metadata from the image. If you wish to create nested subgalleries then you can add a / at each subgallery break.

Lr2Photocart: Image Sizes

Enter the sizes for each of the PhotoCart images and turn on and off the use of the zoom and downloadable image.

Lr2Photocart: Photocart Metadata


Setup the Photocart metadata field mappings.

Export Location


This is the standard export location. I suggest you export to a temporary location unless you want to keep the resized images.

File Naming


The standard file naming section. I suggest you do not rename the files.

File Settings


Here set the jpeg compression quality. Because these files are for the web I would suggest a number between 60 and 80.

Output Sharpening


Sharpening can help the look of most files. I suggest you set it to screen, standard.



Checking Minimize Embedded Metadata will make the size of the file smaller, so check it.

Lr2Photocart: End Action


The end action is the webpage that is displayed in your browser when the images are finnished uploading.


Now your done with settings, you can save them as a preset or just export your images to PhotoCart!