Lr2PhotoCart is a Export Plugin for Lightroom 2 and PhotoCart.

With it you can export your images directly to your PhotoCart gallery. You enter all your settings and choose the gallery from within Lightroom. The plugin will do all the resizing and automatically upload to PhotoCart. You don’t need to use a another program or use export action.


View the instructions on how to setup the export in Lr2PhotoCart.

Instructions on the PhotoCart Metadata in Lightroom

You can download Lr2Photocart here.

You can purchase the full version below for $35.
(removes 5 image at a time limit)

Go here retrieve your serial number.

What is PhotoCart?

Photo Cart is a shopping cart designed specifically for Photographers to sell their images to their customers. It is feature packed, flexible, runs on your website and just a one time purchase. No monthly fees or commissions.
From the Photocart website.

Support: email me with any problems, bugs, or ideas.

Know Issues:

-The image name being uploaded must not be the same as one that already exists in the gallery, if so it will overwrite the old image.

Version History / Change Log:

Version 1.21 (6-17-10)
-Fixed problem that with registration under Lightroom 3

Version 1.2 (2-21-10)
+Added the option to upload a download image size
+Added the abilty to view and change the PhotoCart metadata inside Lightroom

Version 1.12 (1-26-10)
-Fixed a error in the creation of subgalleries
-Better feedback in the progress bar
-Fixed other small errors

Version 1.11 (1-24-10)
-Fixed a error that was preventing the export settings from loading

Version 1.1 (1-20-10)
+Added the option to auto create subgalleries by Lightroom metadata on export.
-Fixed gallery selection error

Version 1.01 (1-12-10)
+Added the ability to choose the gallery at export (for better exporting with presets through the right click export menu)
-Fixed subgallery visibility in selection box
-Fixed some gallery title formatting issues (any gallery with a & is displayed as and)
-Fixed some connections issues

Version 1.00 (1-11-10)
-First Version