Audio Note

Audio Note is a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom that lets you easily mark images that have a audio note. You can mark them with colors and/or star ratings.

I use this to quickly mark my favorite action shots when I get home from a game. No more hunting to find a specific shot. Just record any audio note on your camera when you take it and it will be marked by the plug-in. Even if you don’t use it to mark specific shots you can use it just as a marker for great plays that you want to look at later.

The plug-in also has the option to create a collection with all the images with audio notes, so you can quickly go though and listen to our notes. It can also switch to the collection when done.

Audio Note Plug-in for Adobe Lightroom

Tested on the Canon 1D Mark IV,  but should work with most camera that record the audio note file as a wav file alongside the image file. If you have any problems let me know and I will try to add support.

Select all your images from a shoot. Go to the Library mode.
From the Lightroom menu choose Library> Plug-in Extras >Mark photos by Audio Note.

You can download Audio Note here.

Donate to get the full verison and remove the 5 image limit.

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Version History / Change Log:

Version 1.00 (11-19-10)
-First Release