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ProSelect to Lightroom 1.01

Date December 18, 2009

I have just posted a update 1.01 for ProSelect to Lightroom plugin. This update fixes some errors with Mac and OSX versions of Lightroom. Seems like the OSX version needs more speific information than the windows version.

Candace Howard

Date December 17, 2009

Candace Howard is a Miss Georgia contestant that I did headshots for last spring. She now has Miss Southwest Georgia 2010 and is going back to Miss Georiga again this year. She just let me know that she has a new website up using some of the images we shot last spring.  Great looking site […]

Plugin for Lightroom

Date November 23, 2009

I have been writing plugins for Lightroom for myself for a while now but have not released one to the public until now. Here is ProSelect to Lr. This plugin will allow you to import your selection data from ProSelect back into Lightroom. Using it you can quickly get a list of the images you […]

Camera Profiles and DNG Profile Editor

Date July 29, 2008

Adobe also released today a camera profile editor for camera raw. It’s on Adobe labs. We have been actively working on improving color rendering for digital raw photographs. Our new color rendering package contains the following components: the DNG 1.2 specification, which expands and formalizes the concept of a color profile for raw (i.e., scene-referred) […]

First Post

Date March 6, 2008

This is my first post. I am still trying to figure out how to setup some widgets. I am looking for a Flickr widget but cant find one that I like.