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5DmII Manual Video Control!

Date June 2, 2009

Canon released a firmware update for the 5d mark II that will allow you to have total manual control over the video! So you can now get that shallow depth of field without using hacks or tricks to achive it. I just did some testing and this is going to bring a whole new area […]

5D Mark II Announced

Date September 18, 2008

The new Canon 5D Mark II was announced a couple of days ago. 21 Megapixel Full Frame Chip Automatic sensor dust cleaning ISO 100-6400 with expanded 50 – 15600 3.0 Frames per second Raw (21mp), sRaw1 (10mp), sRaw2 (5mp) 3″ Lcd Screen 1080p 30fps movie mode external mic connection New Battery UDMA Compact Flash Support […]

Canon 5D Mark II Information

Date September 13, 2008

Fake Chuck Westfall has some information on the new Canon 5D Mark II. He says that parts of his non-disclosure aggrement ran out today. The can’t say the offical name of the camera, but he did say that it is going to be 24mp with great low light capibilites. There is no on camera flash. […]

Phase One annonces 60 megapixel back!

Date July 14, 2008

Phase One just announced the P65+. It is a full frame, 60 megapixel 645 medium format back. Luminous Landscape has a preview of the new back. It shoots the 60mp image at a speedy 1 frame per second, not a sports camera. It also has varible resolution. So you can take a 30mp frame at […]