ProSelect to Lr 1.1 with Lightroom 3 Support

June 15, 2010

I have just posted a update for ProSelect to Lr to verion 1.1.

This update adds several new features including support for Lightroom 3 and ProSelect 2010 1.3

ProSelect 2 Lighroom 1.1

New features for ProSelect 2010 1.3:

  • Adds the ability to get the images used in a book designed in ProSelect. These are called Book Images in the plugin

New features for Lightroom 3:

  • Automaticly apply a develop preset based on if a image is flagged as a black and white or sepia from ProSelect.
  • Create a Lightroom collections from the ProSelect data set with a collection of each data type inside it. You can choose the name of the collection set and automatically switch to it when done.

Lightroom Collection from ProSelect data

You can download the update here.

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