Lr2PhotoCart 1.2 Update

February 21, 2010

Here is a update with some major new features for Lightroom to PhotoCart.

This updates Lr2PhotoCart to version 1.2.

New Features

Now you can export a file sized for download directly from Lightroom.

PhotoCart metadata is now stored in Lightroom. You can see what gallery a image is in and the number of views, last view time, number of favorites, number of times ordered and many other items. You can also click a link directly in lightroom to view, manage, or edit the PhotoCart gallery or image. You can also update the data in Lightroom or in PhotoCart and even get the data for images that were uploaded in the old version. Using the Library Filter Bar you can filter by the PhotoCart metadata.

This is a big feature update and I would love feedback on what it would make it more useful to you.

4 Responses to “Lr2PhotoCart 1.2 Update”

  1. Sean said:

    I’m very interested in this plugin but want to use it with LR3.

    Does / will it work with LR3?



  2. Allen said:

    I have done some testing and it does work ok with Lightroom 3, but there is a bug that you must choose an export location and not just a temporary folder. Please let me know if you try it and see any more bugs with LR3.

    I am hoping to upgrade the plugin to use the new lightroom 3 publishing services, but Adobe has not released the SDK for version 3 yet.

  3. Sami said:

    I’ve just purchased LR3, and want your plugin also, any idea of when your next plugin with the bug fixed will be out?

  4. Allen said:

    I am working on updating my plugins for LR3 now. Lr2PhotoCart will be updated to work with Lightroom 3.

    I am also looking into the new publishing service feature in LR3 and am trying to see about writing a new plugin for photocart to take advandage of this, but I will almost have to start over with some new ways of doing things.

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