ProSelect to Lightroom 1.03

January 10, 2010

I just posted a upgrade 1.03 for ProSelect to Lightroom.


I was running into errors on the OSX version of Lightroom and found out that the OSX version of ProSelect saves the filename list in a differant format than the PC.

OSX should be working perfectly now.

Thanks James for sending me some information on the error.

Download it here


Version 1.03 (01-10-10)
Fixed a problem with the OSX version.
ProSelect PC and Mac save the filename list as 2 differant formats

2 Responses to “ProSelect to Lightroom 1.03”

  1. Tyler R. Brown said:

    Have you tried this plug-in in Lightroom 3 Beta 2? When I press the browse button to select my “Proselect Filename List” nothing happens? …any ideas, or is the latest version of LR not yet supported?

  2. Allen said:

    The development kit for the beta of Lightroom 3 has not been released yet by Adobe. I hope to get it updated as soon as they release it.

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